Friday, July 17, 2009

the stewart girls

after my sister katherine was born, my mom, sister, and i were collectively known as the stewart girls. we did everything together. my mom was even crazy enough to take two children under the age of ten on extremely long road trips by herself. it's a good thing i was there to be annoyingly bossy. right now my sister is visiting my mom in alabama, and i wish i were there.

as to the above photograph, i never gave much thought to the massive map that was plastered on our living room wall when i was little, but now i think it must have been pretty awesome. luckily you are not being subjected to any visual evidence of the burnt orange crush velvet pit group on which we are sitting. also, see that quilt i'm snuggling with lovingly? yeah, that disappeared, and someone claims to have no knowledge of its fate. hmm. please note the adorableness of sleeping katherine aka katosaurus rex.


  1. remember when i would come to your house to pick up bridget and john and your mom would bring you out to the car so you could pop my bubblegum bubbles with your teeth? You would cry if i didn't have gum! btw, i remember katherine as "monkey-camel" she wouldn't be called by anything else!