Tuesday, July 7, 2009

inherited no. 1

as i was thinking about things we might discuss, i realized i would really like to document all the amazing things i've inherited over the course of my twenty-seven years. it would be nice if i could pretend that things aren't really that important, but the truth is, i LOVE my material possessions, especially ones that have a history. really, the idea of cataloging my inheritances satisfies two desires, the first being to talk about beloved objects, the other to document, document, document. my grandfather was a genealogist, and it seems that his tendency to research, organize, and preserve was most definitely passed down. so, here is my first inheritance, and one that has taken way too long to become functional.

suffice to say that i am not the best photographer in the world. (attention m.d. aka mommerdoodle, why is this so yucky? please assist.) suzannah, my employer and friend, gave me this little turquoise lamp awhile back. isn't it darling? but it didn't have a shade, and that presented a problem that ballooned into "the neverending and absolutely ingratiating quest for a lampshade with appropriate parts." finally i ordered a burlap lampshade from one of our vendors, thinking this would be perfetto. yeah, measuring first would have been good. the lampshade was way too tall for this petite little lamp, here accompanied by a crispina recycled sweater chick and kata golda turtle tea cup. i don't think of myself as someone who typically goes ninja on household projects, but i got a wild hair and started decimating the lampshade. basically, i shortened it, which entailed purchasing double fold bias tape and approximately seven different types of adhesive. it's not perfect, but its imperfections are fairly negligible, which means i can finally use this lamp! it's only been lying dormant in my closet for a year. i should go ninja more often.

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