Sunday, July 5, 2009

i heart marimekko.

most cool people love marimekko. as a cool person myself, i can vouch for this. there's this neato shop called always mod, and they claim to be "everything marimekko." they do seem to have every possible marimekko product, from napkins to tshirts, shower curtains to duvet covers, fabric by the yard to keychains. i've never actually been to a brick and mortar store that had this much marimekko, but every summer i usually visit a shop called linn-sui in rome. they have lots of marimekko, and i'm guilty of hauling away tons of it every time i'm there. (of course, i also accidentally bought three bars of 16 euro felted eastern european soap last time. the accident was not knowing i was about to pay approximately $32 for soap.) anyway, back to the subject at hand, marimekko. here's what i'm loving at always mod:

um, i think this is awesome. if i were more inclined towards the ridiculous, i would own this. i mean, it's a giant shark belly. on your bed. but what i seriously want is this in duvet form:

this is probably one of my all time favorite marimekko prints, kaiku. as i am currently searching for a new and PERFECT duvet cover, i would really appreciate it if marimekko could make me one. lest you think i'm being deprived of this particular print, i should admit, in the interest of full disclosure, that i own this shower curtain, tea towel, and mug. but i would gladly sacrifice it all for a duvet cover.

speaking of marimekko mugs, here's one i actually purchased from always mod. i really love this calf design. look how spritely he is.

so stunning. i love how the design maintains the appearance of being hand drawn, the sketchy contour lines of the cows.

i'm very tempted by this kippis tray. i love marimekko trays. don't tell anyone, but i already have two. i picked up a bottna one in rome a few years ago.

egad, egad. i think i must have these kanteleen postcards. i love the folk aesthetic that has pervaded all things designy these days. and the tea towels! oh, how i love tea towels!

always mod, you are frightfully dangerous.

and thank you, helen, my audience of one, for reading. even if you are always my one and only reader, i am glad to be documenting these things that i love, and i'm glad you are here. also, remember how some blogs used to have a little "listening to" part of each post? well, here's mine:

listening to: thao, we brave bee stings and all

and p.s. all of these photos, less the the calf mug perched atop gone with the wind, are borrowed in a friendly way from

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