Friday, October 2, 2009

inherited no. 7

i've been feeling really guilty about my lack of posting on this bloggie. i realize i only have approximately five readers, but i still wish i could maintain a more consistent schedule. i mean, there's only so many ridiculous photos of animals people want to see. today won't be much of a break in terms of the animals, except for that this one is possibly an imaginary animal. yes, i'm talking about you, nessie. here she is memorialized in egg press's 'you're unbelievable' card. do i own it? yes, yes, i do, and so should you.
the loch ness monster has long been a source of fascination to the easily captivated stewart family. my grandfather on the stewart side was an ardent genealogist and traveled extensively in scotland researching the family name and bringing back various kinds of memorabilia. among the more notable items was this ensemble that i once donned for halloween. please note the hat to head ratio and the pervasiveness of plaid in this photo.

but, beyond extremely scratchy wool blend kilts and scarves, he also brought back this super snazzy nessie necklace for my mom. at some point in recent years, i may have hijacked this necklace from my mother's jewelry collection. i don't feel too badly about it because i have seen m.d. wear a necklace maybe three times ever. no, i am not exaggerating.

isn't she so cute? i love that the metal is worn and smooth and dulled down. just look at her little nose! she makes me so happy.

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