Sunday, October 18, 2009

i and love and you.

it's been too long, friends. this morning when i was driving to work i was listening to the radio, and one of my favorite new songs came on. here it is, courtesy of youtube:

as i was thinking about it, i realized one of the reasons i like this so much is maybe, er..probably, because the brothers' voices sound so much like a certain adam duritz, who once claimed all of my affections. as in, i had enough counting crows tshirts to wear a different one every day of the week and DID. and i spent copious amounts of hard-earned baby-sitting cash on back issues of rolling stone magazine even if it was only for a mere mention of my beloved dreadlocked lead singer. and i once got the donuts on my braces in red, blue, black, and gray because adam duritz sang "i will paint my picture, paint myself in blue and red and black and gray." well, i think that'll do it.


  1. I'm wondering why you have no shown me this part of your tshirt collection yet

  2. some things are better off in the tshirt cemetery of my closet.