Thursday, July 15, 2010

so leonardo and i were having an espresso...

oh, hi there. what happened to those last four days? well, the weather went from sweltering to freezing, i rode a lot of trains, and have taken approximately 100 pages of hand-written notes. in pencil, and you know how i feel about pencils. so i spent monday, tuesday, and wednesday examining drawings at windsor castle. i don't know what i expected from windsor, but i have to tell you, it's pretty gosh darn cute, especially with that ROYAL ESTATE and all. it's really quite charming, and my visits to the study room of the castle have been phenomenal. the people who work there are beyond nice (and trust me, i've experienced the opposite of beyond nice in print rooms). i sent a list of the things i wanted to see ahead of time, and it was a wishful thinking kind of list, sort of like,"yeah, sure, they're never going to let me see this many leonardos." actually they've let me see so many more than i ever expected, and in fact just pull out box after box of leonardo drawings. hello, heaven, it's nice to be here. seriously, it's been crazy unbelievable to sit in front of leonardo drawings for as long as i like, just me and the drawing, which somehow works out to be me and leonardo, face to face, hand to hand. i thought about trying to find an image online to show you, to give you the tiniest glimpse into what i'm seeing, but it was too hard to choose, and nothing can compare to how it looks when you're sitting in front of the real deal. instead, i thought i'd show you a bit of the castle:

by the time i get to this point, i've already shown my passport twice and will show it once more.

windsor also has a cath kidston, which has super cute window displays mixing vintage goods with her wares. how hilarious is that tea cozy?

and the other day, as i was walking in the drizzle waiting for my appointment, i saw this, an alexander girard bike. it was, to say the least, beautiful. you have to click on the image to see some of the details. because this was obviously someone's bike i didn't want to obsessively photograph it, but just so you know, there was even imagery on the handlebars. A-MAZ-ING.

and now, for something less amazing, i couldn't have you thinking that i just lurve everything i've encountered here. that right there is a tequila flavored lollipop with a freaking worm in it. a real worm. "specially 'grown' (!?!?!?!) for human consumption." um, no. while i think it's probably some grubby worm, it looks suspiciously like a caterpillar, and i literally recoiled when i saw these, merchandised on an entire wall of edible insects.

apologies for leaving you with this nightmarish vision.


  1. jessa i enjoy seeing that lolli with a worm so weird and cool! sounds like you r having such a nice time in london, hope you come home with a bit of an accent!!!

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