Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ani difranco, 25 april 1997, harrisonburg, virginia

in case you were wondering, on 25 april 1997, ani difranco played the following songs:

1. my iq
2.untouchable face
3. worthy
4. napoleon
5. letter to a john
6. ?
8. little plastic castles
9. if he tries anything
10. anticipate
11. do re mi
12. not a pretty girl
13. god's country
14. gravel
15. cradle & all
16. shameless
17. in or out

i'm posting this here so that i can get rid of the piece of paper on which i recorded this setlist. go, and be recycled, little set list.


  1. this is good to know. thank you.

  2. this show was on my birthday!
    i saw her in cville that year too!
    recycle it girl!